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News and UpdatesUnion Health Minister Clarifies: 2019 MBBS Batch Exempted from National Exit Test,...

Union Health Minister Clarifies: 2019 MBBS Batch Exempted from National Exit Test, Ensuring Clarity for Medical Students

Minister Mandaviya assures students and promotes transparency by exempting 2019 MBBS batch from NExT, paving a clear path for medical education.

RAIPUR: Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, while addressing students at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Raipur after laying the foundation stone for a critical care unit, made a significant announcement on Thursday. He confirmed that the 2019 batch of MBBS students would not be subjected to the National Exit Test (NExT), clarifying that it would be applicable to the subsequent batch. Mandaviya further emphasized that the government, in collaboration with the National Medical Commission (NMC), prioritizes making decisions that eliminate any confusion among students.

As per the provisions outlined in the NMC Act, the National Exit Test serves multiple purposes, including acting as a qualifying final-year MBBS exam, a licentiate exam enabling the practice of modern medicine, a screening exam for foreign medical graduates seeking to practice in India, and a merit-based admission test for postgraduate courses.

Addressing concerns regarding potential stress levels for medical students, Mandaviya unequivocally stated, “No student should bear any undue stress. I am not bringing the 2019 batch under the purview of NExT. It will be implemented for the subsequent 2020 batch.”

He further clarified that while the degree final exam would not be considered as part of the NExT, registration would only occur upon successful completion of the NExt, effectively aligning NExT with the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).

Ensuring transparency and avoiding confusion among students, the minister assured that the government and the NMC would refrain from making any decisions that could potentially cause ambiguity.

The clarification provided by Minister Mandaviya brings reassurance to the 2019 batch of MBBS students, as they will not be subjected to the National Exit Test. The decision underscores the government’s commitment to providing a clear and consistent pathway for medical education and professional development. By exempting this batch from the NExT, the authorities aim to alleviate any unnecessary stress and allow the students to focus on their academic and clinical pursuits.

Moving forward, the NExT will be applicable to the 2020 batch and will serve as a comprehensive assessment tool, encompassing various aspects of medical education and practice. This decision aligns with the government’s objective of ensuring standardized competency evaluation while upholding the integrity and quality of medical professionals in the country.

NExT exam will be conducted in May and Number from 2023 as per the National Medical Commission notification dated 30 June 2023.

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya’s declaration regarding the exemption of the 2019 MBBS batch from the National Exit Test brings clarity and relief to the concerned students. The government’s commitment to avoiding confusion and creating a transparent framework for medical education is evident in its decisions, reinforcing its dedication to nurturing competent and well-trained medical professionals for the nation’s healthcare system.


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